Saturday, August 29, 2009

Similar Actions Have Been Prosecuted!

Here are links to a few articles showing that similar actions have been prosecuted.

I’ve intentionally listed only very small, minor violations.

When you’re looking at these links, keep in mind that at least 2 DOF bulldozers destroyed a path approximately 1/2 mile in length, and crossed a creek twice!

We’re told there is no violation – why is it ignored here?

These are only a few of many examples.

Again I must ask, how can it be ok to drive a bulldozer through the wetlands and through a creek?









Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while searching the web for permitting information and couldn't believe what I saw! All I can say is that pictures speak louder than words. If the tables were turned, you would be in very serious trouble. The officials involved should be fired!

Anonymous said...

Don't you pay taxes that go to some of these agencies that are supposed to enforce wetlands laws? Since when do individuals have to foot the bill to perform law enforcement duties? I'm wondering if some of these agencies can be held accountable for their neglect to perform their duties...I suppose that would take money, too. Man, do they have it wired or what?

watchdog1776 said...

Thanks, Anonymous x2. You're both right. The pictures tell the story no matter what the officials say. We have video too, but no one wants to see any of it.

We have paid our taxes along with millions of other people (who might also need these agencies at some time). If an individual did this they'd be toast, but it looks like the government's first priority is to protect itself. The wetlands and citizens rights apparently come in a distant second. I'd just bet that some or all of the higher-ups involved in this are drinking buddies, golfing buddies, poker buddies, old school chums, or something of the kind.

If people think it can't happen here, they'd better think again. They are sadly misled. Justice seems to be proportional to your wallet size.

Thanks again for your support. Check back often. We'll be posting and documenting every detail of every aspect. Thanks to the internet everyone in the world will be seeing this.