Friday, August 14, 2009

No Wonder We're Having Wetlands Trouble!

I recently ran across this article posted at and read it with great interest. No wonder we're having trouble getting anyone to help us with this wetlands mess! The Division of Forestry will not acknowledge any wrongdoing, the DEP has washed their hands of it and referred it on to the St. John's River Water Management District. I recently tried to obtain at least a copy of the DEP's investigative report. Apparently they never made one and will only write back that the case was referred to the SJRWMD to handle. Keep in mind, that no one obtained any permits to do this work in the wetlands, and certainly did not have MY permission! Enjoy Mr. Slavin's very interesting certainly sheds some light on how things are done and who benefits! There are quite a number of other insightful articles so take a look at Clean Up City of St. Augustine's main page here.

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