Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Division of Forestry's Management Recommendations

Please take a look at David Holley's (Forester, Florida Division of Forestry) report which shows the management recommendations for the "silviculture" property adjacent to me. This report was prepared in October 2006 for our neighbors who had apparently filed for greenbelt property tax breaks for their residential properties. They were granted the breaks, as well as breaks for "wetlands" and "swamp" on their property taxes. The owner of the 5 acre parcel adjacent to mine pays property taxes based on only $1,000.00 land value (2008). In other words, little to nothing is paid in property taxes for this 5 acre parcel.

Page 2 of the report has some notes concerning the FDOF's recommendations concerning the wetlands they found during their inspection of the property. Their recommendations are that the wetlands be kept in their current condition, and that sounds like it means that one should not run a bulldozer through them. The wetlands are also indicated on the soil types map. It was amazing that Mr. Bruce Hill (DOF) sat at my dining room table and told me that the property was not wetlands (even through the US Fish and Wildlife says it is, the DEP says it is, and their own Forester said it is), that it was only wet because we had suffered 21 inches of rain prior to the bulldozing. The rain he is referring to happened at the end of May through the beginning of June 2009. The DOF bulldozed on April 24th, prior to any rain. Mr. Hill did admit that their bulldozers had "buggered" up the creek.

The names and addresses have been removed from the report only because we are still waiting for one piece of Public Records correspondence. As soon as that comes in, all will be revealed.

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